My new fashion role model is Holly

I struggle with figuring out what to wear. Before kids, I didn’t know. And ten years after buying this What Not to Wear book (and gestating three humans) I sure don’t know any better.

My Year of Fabulous, HollySo, I’m on a quest to figure out my style along with realistic, affordable ways to get there without shopping. And then I found this blog: My Year of Fabulous!

Wow! Holly is a girl after my own heart and totally doing something about it. After having her three children, she grew tired of dressing like a meth addict every day and came up with a plan (a kind of nutty “one activity for every year of your baby’s first life” kind of plan, but that’s why I love it!).

Each month, she’s going full-force into a new style. This month, she’s knee-deep in American Classic wearing the styles of the preppy and the presidential. January was sexy tough Rock n Roll, February was eclectic Euro Chic, March was Mod, and April was Bohemian. And we don’t know what’s next!

My Year of Fabulous blog

She’s got photos of her different outfits and reflections on how they make her feel. She’s having fun but keeping the goal in mind. And ps she lives on a FARM.

How does she keep it affordable? Read her secret to letting her $500 clothing budget last all year.

I discovered My Year of Fabulous from Ain’t No Mom Jeans.