Mom’s day off

cosmos at the wii partiiFor Mother’s Day, I wanted to do all the “fun” mothering stuff… like all the playing and none of the food prep or diapers. Well, it turns out that you can’t schedule tantrums around your whims on Mother’s Day anymore than any other day. So that sort of came and went.

But this past Sunday was a “Training Day” (to borrow a term from the Babyproofing Your Marriage book which I’m still reading — more on that when I finish it). Alec took over and I only returned for a few odd nursing sessions.

And it pretty much rocked.

Morning Spin Class.

I usually hate spin classes. Really I do. Biking on a beautiful day with no hills is more my style. But Alec believes (and I don’t disagree) that exercise will make me happy and healthy. It’s also a sure-fire way to get him to do morning duty solo. So I went. And I was proud of myself to complete the class with very little cheating.

Afternoon Wii Party at CityMama’s.
ladiisAfter a Music Together class and some nursin’, I headed down south to Palo Alto for a very fun partii. One hour of driving with the wind in my hair and my own music on the radio might have been enough of a release, but no — I got to play video games and drink cocktails in the middle of the day with the likes of Stefania, Mary, Glennia, and many other cool-looking women I was too shy to talk with (even after a cosmo and baring my soul during karaoke).

At least I snapped a group picture. And Stefania took a couple of me, which is the real proof I left my house. more on flickr if you want to take a look :-)

Dinner with old work pals
work palsAs if I wasn’t already pushing my luck, I dropped back home for a feeding and went out to meet some former work buddies (maybe they’d prefer not to be called old). Alec handled all the good-nighting required for two crib-bound boys while I sipped my Guinness.

Thank you wonderful husband! You’ve really earned your next Thursday night out. Remind me I said that because I might forget after our sure-to-be-trying family vacation!