Go beyond prego pizza + meet your baby already

In honor of May 5th, I offer you my best tips and experience for trying to induce your full-term baby. If your baby is fully-baked and you want to help nature take its course, there are some home remedies for kicking labor into gear that folks are talking about.*

very pregnant heather

I’m not telling you which of these I tried with Holden-to-be, but I will say that we were gunning awfully hard for a 05/05/05 birthdate (so much so that my husband took 5/4 off of work so we could get to business):

  • Sex - what got ‘em in will get ‘em out
  • Nipple stimulation – trust me, whatever you do is nothing compared to nursing a real baby
  • Spicy foodRuen Pair’s medium spicy makes my head sweat!
  • Ride on a tractor – my grandma said it worked for her
  • Jumping jacks – as recommended by my own doctor
  • Pizza - eating a fully loaded Prego Pizza at Skipolini’s in Walnut Creek or a big meaty Zachary’s
  • Castor oil omelet – blech
  • Long walks – up hills or on the beach is even better
  • Chocolate - I believe my mom recommended a full pound in one sitting
  • Aggressive pedicure where they hit all the acupressure hotspots

Kendra from ShoppingForTwo.com has shared what she calls her “Jump Start Your Labor Cookies” recipe.

I will also say that once labor really started and we got our precious baby home, I wondered why I was in such a hurry.

Do you swear by any unusual labor-inducing ideas? Anything that worked?!

* you KNOW we’re not doctors, call your doc about your own situation if any of these ideas thrill and concern you.

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