Makin’ it: Super simple photo magnets

Easy to make photo magnets from Photojojo

When I saw this project on photojojo, I remembered how Whitney and I made these very same things in the 1900s so I know they’re easy. I know they’re adorable and durable because I still have ’em on my fridge.

Note: keep out of reach of toddlers and any people who like to put small shiny things in their mouths.

With that out of the way, here’s all you need to get started:

  • Photos you want to memorialize
  • Scissors, a quarter, a pen
  • Glue that will adhere to glass and metal such as Liquid Fusion
  • Small round magnets (.75 inch in size)
  • Clear glass circles – they look like large squished down marbles and are called tile wafers or decorative fillers at the craft store
  • Approximately the duration of one naptime

Personalize these to your family by using miniature pictures of your child or cutting tiny circles from a normal print to form a puzzle.

Read the full tutorial on how to make these cute photo magnets on >

[Photo credit: photojojo yo]