Makin’ it: Cute Halloween printable paper dolls

halloween paper dolls

{this post ran last year, too}

I came upon these printable paper dolls from Mr. Printables and shared them with Scarlett. At five, she is very into drawing, cutting, gluing, and painting. This is one of my Mommy sweet spots, so I’m thrilled with this phase.

Oh, you didn’t know? You don’t have to be good at all aspects of parenting. Hate standing around at playgrounds? Crying jags make you sweat? Floppy-headed infants bore you? Don’t know what to do with LEGOS? That’s okay. You’ll be good at something else.

Even if your child is too young to enjoy these little paper cones without eating them, I could see a mom or Grandma enjoying them on her own.

Here’s how they work:

Print the basic “undressed” dolls from this page.

Cut them out and glue the edges into a cone shape that can stand up on it’s own.

Print the Halloween-themed clothes and accessories from this page. Scarlett felt the need to add her own embellishments to the mummy outfit with a ball-point pen.

Slide the “outfits” onto the paper dolls.

These little ladies have hair just like mine and Heather’s, red and curly on one and dark and straight on the other, so I couldn’t resist them. There’s one with darker skin and kinky hair too, so moms of color, rejoice!

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