Makin’ it: A coffee table-worthy photo book

photo: c. jane create on blurb’s facebook page

Most of us don’t have the photo chops to make a book as lovely as the one I’m sharing below by Casey Mullins. She is a talented photographer (and writer) and has an eye for editing that makes her pages so beautiful that I almost want to put a book full of Casey’s daughters on my own shelf. But that would be weird.

I will venture to say that anyone’s photos will be made more amazing in a Blurb book.

Our Shiny New Blurb Book

Our Shiny New Blurb Book

I played with the Blurb website last night and loved the experience. You can upload photos from your computer, grab them from your Facebook account, or from Instagram. I like this because the ones I’ve uploaded throughout the year are already my “best of” pics. No need to pick through everything on my hard drive or phone. The step-by-step process leads you through editing a photo book that gets published on high quality paper with a hardbound cover.

Last year, Heather and I brainstormed themes for photo books.  Your comments enhanced our list and I thought I’d post them here in case you are inspired to put together a book for your partner, your parents, or yourself.

When you use Blurb, any photos you choose from Facebook can bring the comments along with them, so if you have already shared a milestone moment online, you can preserve what family and friends said in response. This can be great or not, depending on how sarcastic your friends are.

Note: We are affiliates of, but seriously, I have seen the books in person myself and they are covetous.

Disclaimer #2: If your images are not super high-res, you’ll want to order a smaller book than the one shown above. The Blurb system will guide you in the right direction and tell you if your photo is too small.

PS #3: Here’s a 25% discount for Blurb: HOLIDAYTHANKS

PS #4: I have to tell you that a gigantic book like Casey’s costs upward of $100, so don’t shoot for the stars unless you have deep pockets.

This is part of our Makin’ It series. We strive to include hands-on projects for all skill levels of craftiness, ie if you’re better with a computer mouse than with a sewing machine, we get that. See more projects here.