Activity #241: Make baby shoes (and a last-minute gift).

I made these shoes for realI was so very proud that I made these baby shoes until Whitney pointed out that I did not actually finish them (oh no, another craft project unfinished, somebody tell my mom to come back with her sewing machine!).

Well, I gave them to someone who gave birth 10 days ago, so it’s unlikely that she’s got enough active brain cells to realize that I left her with no way to fasten the straps around her baby’s ankles. In the meantime, she can just think “Wow, Heather made me such a cute and thoughtful gift.” Luckily, I also left her some food, but I digress…

The instructions come from Martha Stewart and I was inspired by my friend Linda to go for it.

After the 20 minutes it might take you to decipher the pattern, it only takes about 30 minutes to actually make a pair of baby shoes as cute as these. Allow another 30 minutes to make them a heck of a lot cuter (or more functional) with ornamentation and creativity.


  • A sheet or two of felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

Ingredients I did not remember to use:

  • snap – would be perfect
  • velcro – should work if you cut it teeny tiny
  • or ribbon to augment the straps so shoe can be tied on (maybe only for a girl?)

They were seriously not hard to make, but I made ’em too small for Holden’s feet so I can’t tell you if they’re useful. You’ll have to ask newborn Bailey’s mom about that. Or maybe I’ll ask her when I run over to her house with some Velcro to put the finishing touches on.

We think these could be made from fleece, too, which is always easier to work with. If you are making fleece slippers for an older baby, maybe puffy paint could be added to the bottom to create treads.