Make a buckler toy

Toddlers and their preschooler big brothers love to buckle. And unbuckle. And buckle. Repeat.

In fact, just this morning — when I thought we were past all this — I found my laptop backpack completely rearranged so that the buckles were insane-crazy. Enter The Buckler.

The Buckler is a buckle clipping toy that is so brilliant in its simplicity that you’ll wish you made it a long time ago. It’s also a clever upcycle of those random buckles that come with luggage that are floating around my house (for some totally mysterious reason).

Quirky Momma invented this clipping toy after watching her 17-month old stay focused and entertained buckling (and unbuckling!) stroller straps during a playground trip. She ordered a few supplies from eBay and made The Buckler in an afternoon. Learn about what you need and how to create your own >

This clipping toy has become a go-to travel toy as well (flat and portable with hours of noise-free entertainment value).

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