Love or shove: Chew beads?

I’m curious what y’all think about jewelry that’s designed to be safe for babies to munch on. Opponents say that it sends the wrong message (like my six month old should instead learn self control and discipline not to slurp on my hair, clothes, and necklaces) but I am a recent fan.

I received my Chew Beads as a gift and I love them. I wear this necklace nearly every day and get compliments on it. One time, my babysitter tried to warn me, “Hey, You’re leaving the house with your teething necklace on” and I just laughed and kept going. Whitney can attest, I wear it with or without Sawyer since it doubles as my cutest, most trendy accessory.

This one is less than $40 and would make a terrific gift. As I saw on a recent babycenter blog post, there are many other kinds of attractive teething jewelry to choose from.

So, what do you guys think? Love or shove?

I received this necklace as a gift along with a matching bracelet that I never wear. The bracelet would be a clever way to track nursing but I use an app for that. Opinions are my own.