Introducing fearless rookie mom, Kristin Helms

The girls behind Mommy Project SD are doing the rookie moms challenges

I’m so excited to introduce you to Kristin Helms, a San Diego mama to baby Blake, who has been tackling and documenting our rookie moms challenges for 6 weeks now! Awesome, right?

We had the pleasure of seeing these two in person last week when we attended the Baby Bloggy Bootcamp in the same city. I’m kicking myself for not snapping a picture together, but I was too busy staring at Blake’s sweet baby girl face to remember to take a photo (I know! That doesn’t even make sense). Kristin and Blake document their adventures at Mommy Project SD.

This baby girl is doing the rookie moms challenges with her mama Kristin from Mommy Project SD

Let’s review their progress so far, and cheer them. These are the adventures they’ve tackled together. Kristin admits that each one is stretching our outside of her comfort zone and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

  1. Pretend you’re in Europe. Luckily, someone stayed asleep most of the time.
  2. Join a new moms’ group. Oops, is this the wrong place or the wrong day?
  3. Visit your spouse at work. This guy is always happy to see us.
  4. Enjoy modern art together.  Complete with a self-declared #ParentoftheYear moment.
  5. Practice yoga baby-style. Nursing and Crying and Blowouts, oh my!
  6. And just this week — buy some new jeans! (You’ll want to click over for Kristin’s efforts to combine Suburban Mom & San Diego hipster)

This baby girl is doing yoga with her mama Kristin from Mommy Project SD

[Photos provided by Kristin Helms, all rights reserved]

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