Yeah, I lied about my toddler’s age

My 22-month old is quite precocious. Ask anyone who knows him; he can totally pass for a two-year old*.

On my recent week-long family vacation, I said he was two to get him into the childcare den for three different mornings. At the child watch bunker, he could slide, dig, play with toys, read books, and eat snack crackers with other little people.

A very busy toddler

Yep, I lied. And my older sons saw me do it.

In my defense, chasing a toddler around a summer camp and river beach is the opposite of relaxing (chasing a toddler anywhere, really). This was my vacation. I neeeeeeded a few hours of peace, a moment to sit, time to cheer my big boys at archery, and some minutes to get glitter in my hair at the carnival.

As loving parents, we wrestled him at meals, naptime, and bedtime. We swam, dug, hiked, carried him in the backpack, followed his lead, and loved him up all the other times of the week. But from 9:30 to 12:15 we said he was two and sent him to Kiddie Kamp.

I lied about my toddler's age

I’m a little sorry but I would do it again. What do you think?

* Can he really pass for two? He’s big, verbal, and can use the potty sometimes. Just ask Whitney.