drink it downI left the hospital with a wonderful big jug with an attached straw that I filled every time it dipped below one-quarter full. I kept it with me everywhere I went until I lent it to my pal, Valerie (long walks, Baby Brigade, restaurants, car trips… hmm, no wonder I was always peeing!). And just to prove that no good deed goes unpunished, she moved to London and probably chucked it without a second though. I miss her, baby Nora, and the water bottle on a regular basis.

Camelbak Polycarbonate 24 Oz. Water BottleSo the fun activity is to drink lots and lots of water. Nursing, sleeplessness, or regular old post-partum recovery can feel like a huge hangover and you need lots of water to get over it. Get on it. Fill up a large nalgene bottle and drink it down three or more times a day. Or this new CamelBak bottle comes with a squishy straw you can bite down on… how wonderful for nursing pain!

Greasy sausage and other hangover-remedies optional.

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