How we spent Sawyer’s first birthday

baby with mini cake

We had a lot of choices when thinking about our baby’s first birthday celebration. There’s the “do what you want to do” train of thought that would encourage Alec and I to high-five the conclusion of our first year however we wanted (maybe with a night out or a weekend away!)

Then there’s the photo-tastic spectacular ways of celebrating that would be a ton of work for me but look really pretty on this here blog. Pass. When the chance to celebrate in a big deal family vacation that my big boys would remember/respect, I jumped at it.

Sawyer’s first birthday began with a tasty buffet breakfast. In typical form, he chucked most of his food on the floor. His meal was capped off with a surprise mini cake (pictured above). He pawed it but didn’t taste it before lobbing it to the ground. How sad for the little chocolate cake. Bloggers and family members sang happy birthday and snapped a gajillion photos. Fitting. Things were off to a fun and photogenic start.

We spent the rest of the day at Islands of Adventure, a theme park that includes Seuss Landing (he rode his first carousel – loved it!), Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I loved that), and a Marvel comic book section where we met some heroes up close. Not sure if my newly-minted one year old was impressed but his brothers almost were.

Baby on a carousel

1 YO meets spiderman

By the time the birthday-dinner luau started, I was expecting more fuss and celebration. Sawyer wore my designated cute outfit and sat still for some more pictures but the luau had other birthdays to celebrate and they didn’t get around to him. There was no happy birthday song and no special one candle that I’d been saving for nine years. I felt pretty bummed out, but nobody else cared.


He wrapped up the evening with a pretty fun time with an in-room sitter and no major complaints.

Even though I’d still leave the glorious pintastic parties to other people, I’d have to try again the following week so we could properly sing to him, show off our traditional candle, and eat chocolate cake rather than throwing it.