Makin’ it: no-sew Moby wrap baby carrier

Makin' it: no-sew Moby wrap baby carrier

When my second son was born, I flirted with sewing in order to create this Moby-style baby wrap (AKA “the Fauxby”) to keep little Milo super close. It is the snugliest baby carrier that I’ve ever had.

My mom helped me to hem the edges. Once I saw how legitimately simple it was, I made another two on my own.

How to Make A Moby Wrap


  • Muslin fabric, 5 yards (one long piece will usually yield two wraps. Protip: get the lady in the store to cut it for you!)
  • A patch made from another material.
  • Thread in your sewing machine.


  1. Cut the fabric in half lengthwise so it is 20 inches wide and 5 yards long
  2. Iron, pin, then hem the edges.
  3. Adhere your patch to the middle of the wrap so you can easily find it by feel.

Too lazy to sew the edges? Buy a knit fabric that has some stretch. The ends will look raw, but they will not unravel. This is sort of a Flashdance-style wrap. Look for 5% spandex or lycra and 95% cotton (like this adorbs print). You’ll need 5 yards, and the width will be 42 inches. Fold it in half and cut along the fold.

Whitney laid it out for me in her kitchen this morning and took this picture.

Makin' it: no-sew Moby wrap baby carrier

Wondering how to wear it? I experimented a bit before I asked the woman at our local baby gear shop to fit me properly. It was a relief to have a pro install Milo for me. Maybe this video will help you.

Wanna just buy one? Voila, le moby wrap on amazon comes in many colors and you know it works.

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