Activity #533: Host a gnarly 80s party

At the BlogHer conference, I grabbed a great stack of paper with swell ideas for mommy self-care called “Pamper Yourself for Less” created by Kim Danger of

One of my favorite ideas is for a girls’ night in called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Here are Kim’s tips:

Host a totally gnarly 80s party, starting with a free 80s themed invitation from ask guests to wear their best 80s clothes (think ripped sweats, leg warmers, shaker sweaters and acid-washed jeans).

Break out the karaoke machine and keep the TV muted while playing movie classics like “Sixteen Candles,” “Footloose,” or “The Breakfast Club.”

Whitney and Hope are hopelessly 80s
Whitney and Hope are hopelessly 80s

As a tribute to John Hughes, I’m sure we all wanna bust out some of those classic movies, right?