Activity #13: Hit on another rookie mom

Making other new mom friends is vital. And, yes, a little bit scary. Are you too shy to meet a possibly interesting person? While that’s totally and completely NORMAL, we want you to go for it anyway.

Today’s assignment is to approach someone else with a baby. Your own baby is a social lubricant. Check out the other duo and prepare your “pick-up line.” Go on do it.

Go on, hit on a fellow rookie mom

Whitney and I interrupted this woman, Annie (above), while she was getting her hair done with baby Bessie because she looked like our kind of gal. Who does that? And then we featured her on our local website sharing all she loves about living in Berkeley with a one year old

Since you might need a different angle, here are six possible conversation starters that are a bit like parental Mad Libs:

  1. “How old is your baby?”
  2. “How do you like that {baby carrier/stroller/diaper bag}? We’re in the market for something like that.”
  3. “Where did you find that {sippy cup/lovey/latte}?”
  4. “I love your {shoes/hair/pants}”
  5. “Help! Does anyone have {a diaper/wipes/sunscreen}?”
  6. “Come here often?”

I loved Olivia’s story about chasing another rookie mom to a playground. Of course, once you catch her, you’ll have to figure out that awkward social media etiquette for moms (kinda like dating). Sigh.

How to make a new mom friendSee the whole list of challenges and activities for new moms here.

Photographer:  Bethanne Arthur Photography//Other Location:Town Center of Virginia Beach//

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