He’s really my kid: the story with the puke

Yesterday, we were guests at Scarlett’s first birthday party. It was really lovely — sunny day, delicious food, adorable decorations — but Holden just wasn’t feeling it. In fact, when I tried to get him to settle down in order to eat some lunch (to earn the birthday cupcake), he whined, “I’m choking” then promptly barfed all over himself and his clothes (under the gorgeous backyard party tent).

I hurried him away from the other kids and babies and stripped him down while still outside. At that point, our time at the party was spent changing, soothing, and packing. Oh well. Sick kids happen and they throw all the other plans out the window.

But the funny part… (if there is one) is when later in the day (after puking again on the way home), Holden asked me, “mommy, is there a picture of me throwing up at Scarlett’s party?”. Sorry kid, it all happened too fast. I agreed to check with Scarlett’s parents and various grandparents to be sure, but it seems this one went undocumented.

At least I blogged it, Holden.