Activity #210: Roll, bounce

Holden is fascinated by huge red ballIf you still have that yoga ball around — and you’re not currently using it for ab work — get it out to thrill and impress your baby.

We kept ours in Holden’s room for about 22 months — until his new brother was born and the room just got too crowded.

Each morning, he found some new way to explore it. Try one of our home-tested ideas or come up with more of your own:

  • Pepper likes rolling around on her tummy on top of the ball. Her mom, Jeanine, supplies the balance.
  • Holden [pictured] really likes sitting next to it and pushing on it. When it gets far enough away… it rolls back and he is amazed.
  • Julian loves standing next to it while Whitney dribbles it by smacking her hands on top of it. Whoa.

And, no, we’re still not trying to get you to do ab workouts.