Happy fourth birthday to my sweet Milo

Dear Milo,

You still have your delicious baby cheeks but other than that, you’re all big boy. Tall, strong, a great climber, an aspiring two-wheel-rider, a dancer, a writer, and a great storyteller. This year, we had your first real birthday party at a super-mega-bouncy place to celebrate your big energy and big social skills.

You are a great source of joy and entertainment. I don’t know how someone your age manages to have such a dry sense of humor, but you do. You are expressive, emotional, enthusiastic, and dramatic. You are never happier than when you dress in red from head to toe — actually, make that from elbow to knee, because you hate long sleeves and long pants!

You tell me you’re ready to be a kindergartner or a big kid. Either one. When I asked why you want to be older, you said that you want to be able to drive a car and play all day.

Your bright red curls make sure that everyone knows that you’re with me. I love it. And I love you.

I hope you get everything you wish for!
~ Mommy

ps more about Milo and what crafty playdate counted as his third birthday party.

[photos of Milo’s party provided by Eric of Wm Eric Images]