Halloween starts in September

I dragged my kids through CVS today, focused on a two-item shopping list: diapers and construction paper. I’m never going there with them again.

Do you realize how much candy is displayed in every aisle right now? School supplies include candy? Everything in this frickin’ store distracted and enticed my children. The diaper aisle featured a peppermint-scented Dora doll. In stationery? Spiderman birthday invitations. CVS, you are killing me. My children’s arms were loaded down with stuff they were picking off the shelves within three minutes of our arrival. (Mama Merit Badge earned — I did not buy anything besides the diapers and construction paper.)

Hit any drugstore this week and you’ll see that Halloween has started. The costume catalog that arrived in my mailbox occupied my son for hours over the course of the week. Therefore…

  1. allow me to refer you to The Rookie Mom’s Halloween Costume Guide to inspire your plans for dressing up babies or toddlers
  2. have a look at Marie’s first eBook, for sale now, Monster Mania: Crafts for Little Monsters. Best for ages 4+
  3. consider going half-way with the DIY route: this Etsy store sells costume kits that turn plain sweatsuits into irresistible Halloween costumes