Why I can’t get enough of Habitot

getting messy in the art studioFirst, a confession… my son is only 18-months old, I didn’t have to go to Habitot every rainy day last year. I don’t (yet) call it Hellitot and I know I may feel differently by the end of the winter.

Whitney turned me on to Habitot because her family membership allows her to bring two guests. Holden and I joined them a few times and really liked it before biting the bullet on our own family membership. I have to talk about the membership for a three important reasons:

  1. It’s almost 100% tax-deductible
  2. It gets you in at a bajillion other children’s museums around the country
  3. It makes Habitot more appealing than all the other fabulous play cafes in town because going there doesn’t cost a penny (and there’s a Starbucks upstairs and a Peet’s across the street if you want your caffeine fix)

Ok, with that out of the way, I can tell you that it’s a fun, varied, and dark/cavernous place to hang out. We like the water tables (Holden likes to drain them, so bring dry clothes and socks!) and the art studio most right now. Julian seems partial to the train table and the grocery area. Two weeks ago, I even painted Holden’s face… but that was definitely more for me than for him.

There are hallways just outside for toddlers who want to run. Unlike the other kiddie destinations I’ve reviewed this month, there is no danger of them exiting the building onto on a busy sidewalk.

Bottom line: a great weekly activity. Go with a friend and then get a membership!