Granny Diaries: now how do we give this book to our moms without them knowing where it came from?

Granny DiariesIt’s naptime here for Milo and I just read cover to cover The Granny Diaries: an insider’s guide for new grandmothers and loved it! I suspect that since my oldest son is three that my mom and MIL already learned most of this stuff the hard way… BUT, if I could go back to my first-time-pregnant self, I would engineer a way for both of them to get copies (either anonymously or from their own battle-scarred girlfriends). It’s that good!

The Granny Diaries is written by an actual hip grandma, Adair Lara, about all the mistakes she made and lessons from her own screw-ups grandmothering an infant and toddler. It’s packed with funny-but-true advice about not interfering and always following the mama’s rules (instead of freestyling and giving my son his first ice cream while I’m parking the car at the grocery store and didn’t even think to ask you not to give him ice cream!!) while also celebrating the great parts of grandmothering too.

Do yourself a favor and find a copy of this book and mail it anonymously to any new grandmothers out there. The sanity you save may be your own.

I received this copy to read and review and love from our friends at Chronicle Books. I’ll be sneaking it into my MIL’s bags at her next visit.