Grandparents, gotta love ’em

We love our parents. Of course we do.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Can we talk? I live out in Berkeley and my family is Out East. Whitney lives in Berkeley and her parents and in-laws are all within the state of California. I am frequently envious of her “free babysitting” and frequent visits with the old grandparents.

When Alec and I see our parents, it is usually a few times a year and it involves week-long bursts of too-intense togetherness. We’re lucky if we can get out with all relationships in tact (including the marital one if you know what I mean). When I read this piece — The four types of challenging grandparents-– on the Poop today, I laughed and wept out loud. You see, we’re heading out TONIGHT on a red-eye to get some heavy doses of family and I fully expect to see all of these grandparently archetypes on proud display.

Which ones live in your family and how do you cope?!
More on the great Summer Escape of 2007 as time permits.