Going on a “Vacation”

Holy Cow! I’m getting on an airplane tomorrow with my family for a little pre-Blogher “vacation.” I can’t help but put the word Vacation in quotes. I’d use air-quotes if that was available.

My extended family has a fabulous lakeside cottage in Upstate New York that is a decent drive from where I grew up in Cleveland, but is hecka far from where I now live in Berkeley.  So, naturally, when BlogHer was announced to be in NYC, I decided to combine it all into one massive adventure.

Here’s the start of our crazy plan:

  1. Drive to SFO
  2. Fly to JFK (hook the kids up with iPhones stuffed with favorite games, songs, and movies)
  3. Train/Bus/Taxi to NYC to pick up our awesome GM Terrain, on loan for the week from GM’s media fleet.
  4. Drive the GM Terrain to some as-yet-unknown podunk town just out of Manhattan for the night. Rest. ZZZZZ.
  5. Rise and shine then drive the rest of the way to the Adirondacks for a week of “vacation” with my family.

Once we arrive, we can slow our gears way down. My sister-in-law will be visiting with my baby niece. I can get my fill of baby snuggles and hand her off to mommy when those cuddles turn into cries.

Milo last time we were in Adirondacks

As I tell my kids, we can swim, boat, hike, paddle boat (don’t be afraid of the motor, this is much different!), play with sticks, climb up things, splash, eat ice cream, dig in sand, see stars, and do puzzles.

Right around the time when I’ll need a vacation from my “Vacation,” I’ll get to take a train down from Albany to NYC to the BlogHer conference and go from torn jeans to cute dresses and business cards. My super amazing fantastic husband will stay Upstate with my parents, siblings and the boys while I’m attending the blogging prom BlogHer Conference.

My super awesome husband while I'm at BlogHer

On Saturday, Alec will begin the drive back to reality. He and the boys will drive 5 to 8 hours including an overnight stopover before they meet me in the City. Maybe the real vacation is Monday morning after all the family, travel and conferencing is over and I send them back to preschool.

I’m very excited to have one less thing to worry about since GM offered me a Terrain crossover vehicle for my road tripping. It’s part of the media fleet and I’ll have to give it back when I return to reality.