Activity #5: Go to the market for just one thing

The day my husband went back to work and left me and our bundle of joy alone for a full day, Whitney generously took the day off of work to show me the ropes of maternity leave.  I accomplished three things under her tutelage: taking a walk, taking  a nap, and buying one thing at the grocery store, just to prove that I could handle it.

The challenge here is to take your baby to the grocery store for the first time as simply a practice run, when you’re not desperate for a kitchen’s worth of food. Use a shopping cart, but just buy a treat for yourself. That way, when you actually have to go grocery shopping, you’ll know you can do it.

This is your fifth rookie mom challenge.

Here are three ways to approach the cart:

  1. Wear your baby in a front carrier and push the cart
  2. Put the infant carseat inside the cart.
  3. Since this challenge involves purchasing only one thing, put the one thing in the bottom of your stroller.

Rookie Moms Challenge #5: The Grocery Store

Another handy grocery shopping tip is to ask them to bag all your cold stuff together in plastic and the rest in paper bags so if you need to prioritize what comes in the house and what stays in the car, you can do so easily.

Already conquered this one? Make sure you’ve done the first four challenges, too.

Not such a rookie anymore? Tell us about your first supermarket challenge. Which approach did you take?

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