Getting fit as a mom of two

ParentBloggers and Ryka shoes are asking the question, “how do you FIT it in?” and I aim to answer. Here are my favorite exercises for getting sweaty post-baby:


  • Running. “Running late” that is, with a baby strapped to my chest or dangling from my person for an extra 17 pounds resistance to build my over-developed right arm.
  • Biking. That’s real outside fresh air biking or a spin class. Alec commits to staying in with the boys on Sunday mornings so I can get my ride on. This coming Sunday, I’m doing the Tour d’Organics with a girlfriend. Allegedly. We’ll all drive up in the morning on Sunday and Alec will meet us at rest stops for fresh organic fruit and nursing breaks. We’re doing the short one.
  • Swimming. Swimming was my sport of choice when I just had Holden to contend with and I can honestly say I’ve only been in the pool once post-Milo. I did the ocean swim portion of an Olympic triathlon while nursing a four-month old in the transition area, so it’s a point of great pride for me… even if it’s in the past.
  • Chasing toddlers and deep breathing. These are my real exercises. The ones I do every day.
  • Baby Bootcamp. I fit in the real class exactly once and loved it (despite my own crying and my baby’s crying it was good to have an actual instructors and compassionate peers). The photo here is me and Scarlett and Milo making up our own rules with lunges, jogging stroller, and the Bjorn.
  • Laughing. Is that a sport? It’s probably the most important one to make time for amidst the chaos.