Friday 14: That’s what WE said

Here are fourteen recent posts we wrote on other corners of the web. They range from smoking pot, dog safety, chewing seaweed, and what to spray on your girl parts after you birth a baby:

  1. Mama’s little helper: Dermaplast
  2. Is pot smoking ok for moms?
  3. Is it ok for pregnant ladies to drink wine? (Sure.)
  4. Nobody kisses my baby but me
  5. I threw away 64 science projects this summer
  6. I keep forgetting my newborn’s name
  7. Are backpacks for babies “over”?
  8. 5 steps to babyproof your dog
  9. 5 brilliant ideas (you didn’t think of yourself)
  10. 5 kid things you should never buy used
  11. Tougher safety standards for cribs
  12. Love letter to my bathroom stool
  13. Alternative teething snack: seaweed
  14. How to: combining and office and a nursery