Activity #262: Host an after-hours fondue party

The fondue pot I have
The fondue pot I have
What could be better than molten chocolate, some close friends, and very little cleanup? Precious few things, I tell you.

I stumbled upon this idea on the Student Cook website and decided it would be a fun time for at-home, once-baby-is-down-for-the-night socializing.

We hosted the other Rookie Family for chocolate fondue and games not too long ago (I guess it was kinda a while ago because I was still pregnant, but whatever). Pick your favorite dip-ins and delegate those to your friends, potluck-style. It’s fun to tell your pals, “bring organic marshmallows and a pineapple please” while you make a delicious dark chocolate soup.

[I’m only sorry the picture shows cheese and not chocolate, but cheese is fun too.]

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