Flashback Friday: bookmarks and links for mamas

1) I loved this homemade growth chart that looks like an oversized ruler, on BabyCenter. I think it’s adorable, but must point out that the trick with something a bit rustic in style is to juxtapose it against clean, modern design, or the house starts to look like a junkyard.


2) I was excited to see Lite Brite on Rachelle’s list of toys out of the garage (or garage sales) because I scored a Lite Brite for my kids at a garage sale and they love it.

3) I’m not usually big on stroller accessories, but I like this stroller mat from Skip*Hop. I’m not sure what problem it’s solving, but I think my daughter, whose preschool is too far away for her to walk, but just right for me to push her in the stroller, would love to add a shot of color to our 7-year old grey Maclaran. Of course we need memory foam under our toddlers butts, right?! (via Swiss Miss)

4) Heather and I will be posting some other mobile concepts soon, but this one I saw on Craftzine from You Are My Fave is so simple, hipster, and elegant, all at once.

5) And now a review of what we’ve posted recently that you may have missed:


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