Keep your dirty hands off my tiny baby, please and thank you

Wash your hands before you touch my baby

Just yesterday, I spotted Holden’s runny nose and declared a “code Orange” in the house. Oh, I was trying to be overly-dramatic and silly, but my point was that we (errr, my husband) need to exercise more than the normal level of caution and be ready to wash our hands just a little bit more to keep a snurfy cold away from Milo.

At four months old, believe it or not, I’ve already relaxed somewhat. While nobody has to take a full Silkwood shower anymore, I can count on my hands how many people I’ve let hold Milo without washing up (which means it’s not too many and I’m still paying attention).

These little signs can hang from strollers, carseats, or carriers. I have seen the sentiment before written on onesies, but that seems just too temporary. This idea, I really like.