Activity #148: Fill your freezer before your baby arrives

A couple years ago, before this new little baby was a twinkle in my eye, I reached out to Erin Chase from 5 Dollar Dinners to ask her for her EASIEST tips for new moms trying to get dinner on the table.

She went one better. Rather than a few handy tips, she shared with us her strategy for avoiding cooking during the witching hour altogether.

At the time I reached out to her, she and I both had two little guys, age two and four. Soon after, she added a third baby boy to her family (congratulations!) along with all the challenges of feeding her family healthfully, cheaply, and with an infant (and toddler and preschooler) hanging off her at all times!

Luckily, she stocked her freezer before baby Tyler arrived and we can learn from her planning. She worked with (and highly recommends) Tricia from Once a Month Mom to plan, make, and stockpile all the foods she’d need for feeding her boys.

I don’t know how large her freezer is, but can I just say Wow?! In addition to baked goods, snacks, side dishes, breakfasts, homemade jams (!), she also cooked up 13 main dishes (some of them doubled up!) like Chicken Parmigiana, Taco Soup, and Zesty Slow Cooker BBQ.

We wish her an easy recovery and hope that her hard work means she can rest a little more this week.

Read her entire freezer stock up list.
Learn the way of the Once a Month Mom.

Another trick for filling the freezer, rookie mom style, is to freeze little cookie dough balls and then eat them one at a time as needed.