Fearless Friday: start running

In observance of Fearless Friday today, I was torn between two recent (and fearless) pledges. I could talk about my commitment to join the mominatrix in her sexual resolution. Lord knows that’s scary to admit in public. But, nah, Whitney talked about that yesterday!

eat blog runSo, instead, I announce my plan to fearlessly reclaim an athletic achievement from my past. I will run with 11 virtual strangers (and, yet, because of the interwebs, many are also “virtual friends” too) for a relay race of 199 miles with the team Eat. Blog. Run. My own section will be three different legs of approximately five miles each.

I completed this relay race two other times. Back then, I was given the easiest running assignments and was in my best shape from triathlon training. I also had a training partner with the same pace, races, and life schedule as myself. I thought it was hard back then.

But not anymore.

Why am I so scared?
Glad you asked. If I’ve already done this before, I should feel confident. But I don’t. Let me count the ways.

  1. I pee when I run. There I said it. In front of God, my coworkers and the eleventeen strangers reading this. Four and a half years since my 44 hour labor with four frakking hours of pushing and I still pee when I run. And I hate it. And it causes me not to run.
  2. I am not in great shape. Because of reason #1, two young children, and a myriad of other excuses, I am going to have to really work for this one. Like that part of Rocky when they play Eye of the Tiger, but with kids and a full-time job.
  3. I’m shy. What if they don’t like me? There are no secrets from the ladies in the van, when you’re running, sweating, and self-doubting around the clock on very little sleep. While it’s easy to crack jokes through twitter, I lose some of my charm at 2am.

But I’m gonna be fearless about this. I’m going to figure out a training schedule that works for my family. I am lucky enough to have a super supportive husband that wants me to exercise and be healthy almost as much as he wants to do it himself.

I will claim Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday as my running days and find some running buddies for the next few months.

I will also use all the geekery (pedometer, new Nike Plus) at my disposal to see my running times improve from a 14 minute run/walk to the 9 minute mile pace I can be proud of. And if a 9-minute-mile is still the slowest, I will not worry about it because I have improved so much.

Oh, and about being shy in the presence of blogging-greatness, can I worry about that another day?