Fast and yummy things to cook

The Best 30-minute Recipe: A Best Recipe Classic (Best Recipe Series)To compensate for my pro-carryout post, I want to admit that I cook at home a fair bit. I have a few links, tips and tricks to share:

  • I really like the The Best 30-minute Recipe (even though it’s more like best 90 minute recipe with a toddler and a baby around) so we try to work those in as often as practical. Once every week or two.
  • I’m also a huge fan of the scramble, but how many times can I write about that? Besides, that really works best if you commit to it one week (5 dinners) at a time.
  • Eggs!!! I confess I wish I could cook scrambled eggs every night so I’m working on perfecting my frittata so I can do just that and have it be a little fancier. Throw in some bagged spinach and a chopped vegetable (tomato, mushroom, peas?!), and add panko breadcrumbs before cooking in the oven for a few minutes. Mine are Ugly, but they taste fine and Holden doesn’t care.
  • 101 meals ready in 10 minutes or less from the NY Times shared by our friend Sunny. Some of these look super simple and some kind of weird so let me know what you think.
  • Creamy garlic shrimp fettucine in under 20 minutes from Karen’s aunt Julie — Get the frozen big ones and keep them on-hand for a fast dinner but do not peel your own; it’s icky and time consuming. I’m trying this recipe next week.

And these tips are not fast fast, but help you get dinner on the table quick if you plan ahead a bit:

  • Crock Pot night — especially good when all you have to do is chuck stuff in the pot and come home to a meal. I made some shlock last week requiring about 16 hours of prep plus two overnights. I took some logical (to me) short cuts and the resultant chili was inedible. Oops.
  • Double your recipe. Freeze half then serve your family. Schedule (and label) the leftover so you don’t forget about it.