Eat. Blog. Run. is this weekend!

eat blog run badgeHoly Fearless Friday, Eat. Blog. Run. starts today. I am sitting at the desk of the Country Inns & Suites in Sunnyvale awaiting the rest of my teammates, guzzling water and blogging.

Several months ago — when May seemed like a really long time away — Marie from Make And Takes invited me to join her for a crazy running relay. I said “yes” because I always say yes (Whitney always says “no” if you were wondering) and thus my crazy, fearless quest to get into running shape was borne.

But it’s not just the running. It’s never just the running.

It’s also being away from my husband and kids for a long weekend, which includes having the nerve to ask for what I want, for no other reason than I want it. [side note: it’s one thing to shift around his schedule for work or serious pursuits, but this is pure recreation, total guilt bomb!]

It’s also having the courage to get back into running and to believe that its not just my pre-baby body that could do this kind of event.

It’s also having the social bravery to spend the weekend with 13 other intimidating women I don’t know.

It’s also making the time to do all the running and cross-training when I’d rather be sleeping. To coordinate schedules with my husband to run with Sunny or Olivia or Amanda or Whitney. Or shred with Jillian. Or jog in place in front of my TV to Cougar Town and the Wii Fit Plus (which I love, btw, because it says I run six minute miles and I really run twelve minute miles).

But if its so hard, why be fearless?
Now that I’ve gotten my whining out of the way, I will say that I want to do this. I want to prove to myself that I can. I want to set a good example to my boys. I want to make my husband proud. I want to meet these new women.

And I generally want to kick ass!

{wish me luck though, cuz I’m still nervous}