Does Santa travel when you do?

HO HO HO. Merry Christmas. If everything went according to my plan, Santa Claus visited my children at two different houses last night.

Santa Claus visits the grandparents house too, right?

We traveled to the Grandparents home on Christmas Eve so my plan was to sneak back into the house after everyone was buckled in the car seats for the airport and play Christmas Elf in Berkeley before flying to Ohio and playing Christmas Elf there.

Barring any last minute bathroom visits, the plan is flawless! Of course, I won’t know if it really worked until we return from our possibly snowy holiday adventure.

Whitney thinks I’m ridiculous. First, she would NEVER be anywhere but her home on Christmas morning. Second, there is no second thing because children sleep in their own beds on Christmas Eve.

What do you do when you travel to the grandparents over Christmas? I’m not the only one who does this, am I?