Do you have 20 minutes for your own happiness?

You guys, I’ve been on a rampage for the past several months trying to get my mojo back and get happier. I’ve been reading blogs and books; watching videos; talking to a therapist; soul-searching and meditating; ordering my groceries online; clicking on new apps; running; and running around in circles. I’m trying so many things at once that it will be hard to pinpoint if any one thing is actually doing the trick once I become my fully enlightened yells-no-more self. Or maybe once Sawyer turns three, everything will feel easier. Who’s to say?

Get happier in 20 minutes per week

If you want happier kids, Christine Carter, author of Raising Happiness, says Start by becoming happier yourself! She also goes several giant steps further and offers concrete steps on how to get happy. She’s totally on my weekly rotation and I think she should be on yours too.

If you’ve never heard of Christine, she’s a Berkeley sociologist and mother of two who has become a happiness expert by studying all the academic research in related fields and distilling it down to bare bones practical advice so that regular parents can benefit.

4 ways to be happier now (video)

Do you have 20 minutes a week for happiness? (video)

Christine Carter is offering a great online class to help parents find their own happiness and I’m in the middle of it now. Rookie Mom readers can get 10% off! (See down below for codes and whatnot)

Classes take about 20 minutes per week and are stuffed with ideas that you can practice right away. There are also regular coaching calls and access to online feedback through forums and emails. I won’t sugar-coat it; even twenty minutes per week can be hard to fit into a super busy life. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed all I’ve read and seen from Dr. Carter. And I kinda think it’s working. We’ll know for sure when I totally stop yelling… but I haven’t graduated yet! Register with our affiliate link and save 10%

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Affiliate links are included in this post. We were given free access to these amaze-balls parenting videos, articles, and online classes. I have been slurping them up with a straw. Now I’m trying to get you guys, Whitney, and my husband to watch them too so I have someone to discuss it all with.