Do something with those pictures

Julian on a mugBy now your baby is actually cute, right? Consider getting notecards or something commemorative for the grandparents from or Shutterfly. Notecards make great thank you notes, invitations, or announcements.

Also, if you’ve been emailing jpegs to all your friends and family, quit it already and set up some albums you can share. “Yes, your baby is the most beautiful ever, but quit clogging my in-box,” they’re thinking.

  • Get stickers or a deck of playing cards made at
  • Make a custom basketball hoop or license plate at
  • Find pillowcases or candy tins at

These sites have many interesting ways to put your kid’s mug on a mug…so shop around and use coupon codes. And please resist the urge to make a giant blanket out of your tiny baby’s face. It’s just not right.

What other fun and silly things have you seen?