Did you have a baby-induced TV binge?

With each of my newborns, I can vividly recall the television binge that accompanied my late nights and naptimes.

When Holden was born, RookieDad Alec and I decided to watch Lost; we eagerly slurped up the first two seasons until we were all caught up with the real world of slow-moving one-per-week programming. I also rewatched the entire catalog of Sex and the City reruns during naptimes sipping my hot chocolate while Alec was at work.

When Milo joined our family, online streaming of shows was hitting the mainstream. We balanced our laptop between us and watched Heroes on the crappy NBC player. Only the first season was any good and we gobbled it right up. For my naptime diversion, I discovered How I Met Your Mother and watched the episodes out of order until I figured everything out.

Sawyer arrived into a family of iPad-watchers in which Daddy was less willing to stay up with Mommy watching TV. I watched Awkward on Hulu-plus, several streaming movies, and the last season of Entourage. I could not, however, join my husband watching all the greatness that is Breaking Bad; one year later and my new mommy sensitivities are still too high.

So it made me wonder, does everyone else have a baby-related TV binge or is it just me?