Makin’ it: Facebook/Moo cards

A tip from my Facebook friend Renee Ross led me to order Mommy Business Cards from Moo cards for my kids to use. This is what they look like: first front, then back.

Heather thought my “mommy cards” were so cute, she wanted me to tell her how to get some. Then we agreed I should tell everyone.

Ever since I discovered them, I have loved Moo cards: high-quality, color-rich, matte business cards that also come in a half-size that makes them truly adorable, if business cards ever could be adorable. If you go to a blogging conference, you’ll be bombarded with adorable Moo cards. 

cute as hell moo cards

They’re currently running a promotion that allows you to make cards like mine with just a few clicks. The cards are free, but you pay for shipping — about five dollars for a pack of 50 cards.

What’s the catch? You can only use content that’s in your Facebook profile. The image across the top must be in your Facebook account already, and the smaller square image will be your profile picture. You must have a Facebook profile to create these cards, and you cannot delete the line that shows your Facebook profile link. (Of course you can create your own from-scratch Moo cards at anytime with whatever text and logo you like, but you’ll pay for them.)

Heather created hers in front of me yesterday, and I thought her sepia image gave them a cool look.

My big boy is now carrying a card in his backpack so that if he needs my phone number, he’s got it. He’s not likely to proposition another kid for a playdate himself, but I know that Heather’s oldest definitely is. I can see Holden handing these out at the park.

“Hey, call my mom. We’ll do lunch!”

Also, great for arming your kid with their info at the Zoo or LEGOLAND in case you lose them. And finally, if you have the courage to hit up a mom you don’t know for a playdate, it’s pretty cute, right?

Want to make your own? Click here to get the details at

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