Create an easy ball pit at home

Turn your pack n play into a ball pit for a toddler that still needs occasional containment but also wants entertainment. (Mama’s gotta carry in the groceries without a little person running into the street, right?!)

How to make a ball pit from your Pack N PlayCreate an easy ball pit at home


Kalena tells us how she did it for curious toddler, Nolan:
Create an easy ball pit at home

  1. Remove any mobile and bassinet from your pack n play
  2. Add a few dozen fun balls (like these Intex fun balls, a pack of 100 with carrying case)
  3. Insert small child!

She tells us:

I’m a rookie mom to a 1 year old little guy who has always HATED with a vehement (and very vocal) passion being contained in any way – especially in his pack-n-play. But, I was determined to find ANY way to make use of something we spent a pretty big chunk of change on. Inspiration struck, as it so often does, in the sale aisle at Target, in the form of 100 plastic balls for $15.

That $15 magically transformed the pack-n-play of DOOM into the SUPERFUN Ball pit of happiness. Which means I can get dressed without worrying about a surprisingly quick toddler going down the stairs “too fast”.

Create an easy ball pit at home

I can totally relate. The day my son grew out of the Jumperoo was a sad sad day for me; I had no idea how to unload two kids from the car anymore. I would have loved to have this terrific reader suggestion from Kalena to create a DIY ball pit to keep him busy. Let us know if you try it!