Craft some hair clips for you or baby

Could these hair barrettes BE any cuter? No, I don’t think so. AngryChicken has a full tutorial about making a felted “sleeping bag” for these baby hair clips and then adorning them with buttons so they stay put.

Angry Chicken Barrettes

In my house, I’m a constant hair clip wearer (and thus, loser of hair clips). Sometimes my boys will try them on to be like mommy, but usually it’s me looking for a cute accessory that’s both functional and cheap!

If I can dust off my sewing machine after vacation, I may crank out a bunch of these and show them off on our blog. I will feel much better about myself the next time someone admires my hair clip and I can proudly say “I made it” rather than whispering “it’s from Target.”

Read the full tutorial here (with pictures!)

As long as you have that sewing machine out:
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