Costume Kits for DIY-ish Parents

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koala toddler costume

I adore these costume kits from Etsy shop, DIY Costumes. Last year we gave one away, but this year I’ll ask you to support the creator of the kits, Cassie Divine, and just buy one. I mean, she has provided us with a way to produce a handmade Halloween costume — no sewing skills required!

The kits contain everything you need to transform a plain sweatsuit into an animal for your child. The felt pieces are already cut out.

toddler giraffe costume

Baby/toddler kits (up to 5T) are listed by the name of the creature and come in three easy options based on the amount of time you want to invest…from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Your toddler could be monkeying around in less than an hour!

toddler monkey costume

Which one do you love? (Please excuse all the old comments. I used the same post as last year because I am a tad lazy.)

Need more ideas? See the Rookie Mom’s Costume Guide!

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