Activity #173: Chase the garbage truck

My friend Mike used to take his toddler Miles out for Garbage Truck Friday each week without fail. They did it for years. Their routine included picking up muffins from the local bakery and following the garbage truck all over Oakland for an hour or so. It was something that they both looked forward to.

I like this activity for all rookie parents but its especially fun as a regular father/son outing; it includes so many things that toddlers love:

  • CarbsYummy breakfast
  • An easy excuse to spend time together
  • Quickie tradition (see Crock Pot Monday or Fearless Friday) to give structure to the week
  • Big vehicles (see scope out some big wheels)
  • A way to get someone small to willingly go to the car (ok, that one’s more a win for the parents)

No offense to the trash trucks in your town, but the ones in Oakland are sweet. They have long robotic arms that do all the work. If Mike and Miles had invited me, I think I would have happily joined in.

Yes I have three sons and they’re waaaaay into vehicles, but I think this activity could work for most preschoolers. Let me know if it works for you!