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Hipstamatic iPhone app: so worth it!


I downloaded the Hipstamatic iPhone app for $1.99 at the recommendation of my photo-snob friend, Jen. Loving it! I call this one “Hipsta-Milo” and it was taken by Holden. Photos are taken with various “photoshop effects” to simulate the results of the 1970’s era limited-edition camera, the Hipstamatic. You can select from film, flash, and […]

An invisible belt, really?


Almost a year ago, Kathy from Invisibelt invited me to try out her special belt. She told me, “The Invisibelt is a flat undetectable belt intended to be worn under fitted tops. No more belt buckle bulge!!!” I was intrigued, but not completely sold. When the package arrived, I eyed it suspiciously before trying it […]

Who else likes BABIES?

Last month, I was very lucky to go to the BABIES documentary San Francisco premiere. I laughed; I smirked; I squirmed. And I think all parents and parents-to-be would have similar emotional reactions (but probably to different parts). You try to sit still as a naked baby is surrounded by a herd of cattle, I […]

Test driving a Lincoln MKT: From here to Disneyland


About two months ago, I accepted an offer from BlogHer to test drive a Lincoln MKT. The offer to test drive a car did not interest me at first, as I only drive a few miles each day, but when my husband pointed out that we might be able to time the car borrowing with […]

Getting to 50/50 book review


Getting to 50/50 is very well-researched and chock full of data. In fact, if you were committed to the SAHM-life before reading it, beware, this book might have you throwing out your diaper bag for a laptop bag. I originally posed the question, “are you already at 50/50?” a few weeks ago. Here’s my nitty […]