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Attend a special event for new moms

Bump Club and Beyond Presents our 3rd Annual FitPregnancy Buyer's Guide event at Galt Baby! Get the scoop on the hottest baby gear and what you REALLY need for the first year |

When I asked my Mom’s Group facilitator — a woman whose own daughters were over 20 years old — how the conversation amongst rookie moms had changed in the 20 years that she’d been hosting support groups for new mothers, she told me that my generation talked a lot more about products. Guilty as charged. […]

How many pregnancies are accidental?


The word I’ve most frequently been exposed to, or embraced using myself, to discuss unplanned pregnancies is “surprise”. In fact, on Facebook a month or so ago, I asked you guys if your pregnancies were planned or surprises and about half of you said “surprise”. I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding there, […]

Portrait of a homebirth


My former nanny is 9.5 months pregnant as of this writing. She posted this lovely photo of her San Francisco apartment on Facebook last week. The flags above the birthtub were made by her friends to welcome her baby.  

How to get them to stick to your baby registry

Please stick to my baby registry. Please!

Natalie Gordon runs an amazing resource for expectant moms and dads: BabyList ( is a totally custom baby registry that let’s you ask for anything that you want: maid service, spare batteries, those cute hand-crocheted booties from etsy, and a crib? Yes times four. She offered us her best insight in how to get your […]

What to do on bedrest: Cara’s tips

Things to Do On Pregnancy Bedrest

Cara is a contributor to our other blog, {510} Families, and is fast becoming an expert not on “what to do with (and without!) your baby,” but rather, “what to do while pregnant and on bedrest when you have another child.”  She offered to share her lessons learned with us. At exactly 26 weeks pregnant, […]