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Moms Night In

Date night in: Let’s get cooking!

We added toast and brocolli at the last minute

New parents owe themselves date nights. Regular, frequent, child-free nights of enjoying each other’s company. If the kids must be around, I think its fair to dress them up as waiters or maids and have them serve you. When some nice folks at Nintendo offered to send me the Nintendo DSi new game from America’s […]

Mominatrix Resolution (and you can win!)


If you have been getting a little behind in your Mominatrix-inspired sexual resolution, we totally feel you. This has been hard. We’re not exactly on top of these daily challenges ourselves. In case reclaiming your mama mojo is not enough motivation for you to stay up past 10pm, we’re going to sweeten the deal for […]

Commit to a sexual resolution


Our friend and once-rookie mom Kristen Chase, aka The Mominatrix, has challenged moms across the nation to participate in a 30-day program during which we’ll have one new task per day, all aimed to improve your sex life and self confidence. Tomorrow’s challenge? Wear a thong. And make sure your partner knows it. I think […]

Activity #533: Host a gnarly 80s party

Whitney and Hope are hopelessly 80s

At the BlogHer conference, I grabbed a great stack of paper with swell ideas for mommy self-care called “Pamper Yourself for Less” created by Kim Danger of One of my favorite ideas is for a girls’ night in called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Here are Kim’s tips: Host a totally gnarly 80s party, […]

Plan a Mommy Playdate

During my first pregnancy, I learned the term “NMS” on the BabyCenter message boards. This means “not my style,” as in, “You want to decorate your baby’s room in a rockabilly theme? That sounds like fun, but NMS.” Or, if someone is planning to name their son Clifford, again, fine, but NMS. It’s like, I’m […]

Look out for your marriage

Both of us Rookie Moms have parents who were divorced before we were in pre-school, and both of us want to have long epic marriages that last for 50 or 70 years (long after our diaper-wearing boys are out of the house). In that vein, here are some of our best tips for looking out […]