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Rainy day activities to make you and baby smile

Clever ways to make roads for toy cars on your floor

Railroad Tape

When my son was little, we used painters tape to make roads on the floor of our playroom. You can draw lines down the center with Sharpie and use your imagination. Apparently enough parents have done this, that some clever toy industry folks decided to turn the DIY approach into a product. Playtape, which will […]

Activity #124: Make ‘em tap


When fellow parenting blogger and amateur fashion designer Mike posted about tap dancing with his daughter Emme, I knew Julian and I had to try it. Mike gives Charlene credit, and she gives someone else credit, but it doesn’t really matter as long as Julian gives ME credit for the idea of taping quarters to […]

What I learned from the #30×30 closet remix challenge. Spoiler: I am a lazy sweatpants wearer.


My sister lives 500 miles away, and therefore, we don’t see each other much. I stalk her through twitter and Instagram to know what she’s up to on a daily basis, and the big things, like a business trip to the Cannes Film Festival (she has a film industry job), I learn via phone calls […]