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Reduce, reuse, recycle and have fun doing it.

Try this with me: Smoothies in squeeze pouches for big kids


When I’m an old lady, the way 80-year olds will be able to tell that I’m 90 is because I’ll mention that when I purchased baby food, it came in jars. “Jars?” they’ll say, “No. When we were young mothers, baby food came in pouches!” “Not until 2009,” I’ll remind them. Back then, baby food […]

Activity #221: Run Mommy run

How to find a running buddy

Before my first pregnancy, I trained for triathlons with The Half-Asses, a subset of my now-husband’s club, Team Bad Ass. Right now, I have a loose routine to run with a preschool parent-friend after drop-off twice per week and it works pretty well with neither of us wanting to let the other one down. She […]

How to create a safer nursery

Baby Atlas loves his IntelliBED

This post was sponsored by IntelliBED, a premium mattress company, all tips are my own. My favorite story I heard about the founders — who are all grandparents — is that they were already well into making their adult-size mattress and decided to create mini mattresses for all their grandchildren; when they received positive reports […]

Stuff I like right now: baby feeding edition


At seven months old, Sawyer is eating and drinking whatever he can get his mouth on. Still nursing but also bottle-feeding, spoon-feeding, and dabbling in finger food. And, as always, I have some very strong opinions! I have a whole new arsenal of baby feeding products in rotation so wanted to share a few of […]