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Big Kid

This one goes out to the parents who replace jackets each week

Rookie Moms collection of neon jackets on eBay

This post is inspired by my son and sponsored by eBay. One of my children loses his jacket A LOT. Like a lot a lot. Consequently, I have developed a few tricks for both keeping track of his layer and replacing it wisely. Here are my best practices: Goodbye black hoodie, hello neon. Buy only […]

Keep them busy: Thanksgiving craft for kids who can write

Easy activity for school-age kids on Thanksgiving

Thanks to my stepmom Grandma Leslie, who I should probably hire as a contributor for this site, for this project idea. This family tree activity has a handful of useful functions on Thanksgiving: Keeps kids busy with a craft activity that might reduce Thanksgiving Day hours logged full-speed running through a ceramic vase-filled house Produces […]

#pinterestFAIL Crafting with my niece

Craft projects we tried on pinterest

Have you seen all those cool DIY kids’ craft projects on Pinterest? Homemade flubber, moon dough, foam dough, glow fairies, glitter balloons, and the like? Well I have, and I’ve been dying to try some. I enlisted my 10-year-old niece Mitra to help me test some of them, and here are our (highly scientific) results. FOAM DOUGH The […]