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Activity #120: Try Potching

November 27, 2013

I read about this creative activity for toddlers on Flexible Parenting and my stepmom (aka Grandma Leslie) introduced Julian to the kitchen counter at her house, way before it would have occurred to me. Bring a stool to your empty kitchen sink and let your toddler climb up. Fill the sink with warm soapy water, […]

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Build your toddler a play kitchen for less than $50

November 21, 2013

I love a kid-sized kitchen and the creative ways that my children can stay focused with their pretend desserts and imaginary pasta dishes (while I make a real dinner they may or may not even taste).  I have been soooo close to purchasing a miniature kitchen for my boys the past couple years, but something […]

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Create the best chocolate-free advent calendar

November 19, 2013

My friend, the very creative Wendy Copley, created a clever advent calendar for her children that has two big benefits over all other holiday countdown traditions: It focuses on experiences over stuff. She can change it according to her mood and available time. Allow me to explain. She purchased a wooden advent calendar kinda like […]

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Activity #275: Put the child in a container

October 29, 2013

This suggestion came from my friend Sunny on a rainy day. “You put a boy in a small bucket and see how long it takes for him to get himself out,” she explained. “In this case, he wanted to stay in there.” In fact, he has a history of squeezing his way into several other […]

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Introducing cool rookie mom, Hintmama

October 25, 2013

We are happy to introduce you to Jenny, AKA Hintmama. She’s a San Francisco rookie mom to young toddler, Hannah. As of the time of this interview, Hannah was 13 months old. Before entering the corporate world two years ago, she wrote about consumer finance for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. […]

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My toddler is a sponge that I’m trying to fill up (+ keep clean)

October 22, 2013

This post is sponsored by Too Small To Fail. As I was dropping my little guy, now two, off at preschool this morning, I realized that I’m gonna have to start censoring the morning talk radio. Bummer. Whenever I have the big kids in the car, I channel surf to music-only stations switching it back […]

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Create an easy ball pit at home

October 22, 2013

Turn your pack n play into a ball pit for a toddler that still needs occasional containment but also wants entertainment. (Mama’s gotta carry in the groceries without a little person running into the street, right?!)   Kalena tells us how she did it for curious toddler, Nolan: Remove any mobile and bassinet from your […]

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What does your toddler LOVE to play with?

September 26, 2013

Does your small person have any hobbies? I want to know. When parenting my first son, I thought all little boys were interested in trains (like really really obsessively so and they’d happily leave any playground to drive past one). Then his interests broadened to include diggers, all construction vehicles and LEGO. But not really […]

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Activity #173: Chase the garbage truck

September 18, 2013

My friend Mike used to take his toddler Miles out for Garbage Truck Friday each week without fail. They did it for years. Their routine included picking up muffins from the local bakery and following the garbage truck all over Oakland for an hour or so. It was something that they both looked forward to. […]

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World travel is better with a toddler

September 10, 2013

Our friends, Karen and Ross, just returned from an amazing European escape with their toddler son, Laz. Skeptical that a trip with a rowdy one-year old could be relaxing, I asked her to share their story with us. I hope you like it as much as I do. Almost a year ago, I wrote a […]

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One day this Summer, a geeky mom looks back

August 27, 2013

  Click to see larger I couldn’t resist snapping a picture when the day rolled around that my children hit these specific ages. Holden was 21.5 months old when Milo was born (and now Sawyer is that age); Holden was 6.5 years old when Sawyer was born (and now Milo is that age). Nerd-tastic, right? […]

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Fun with foam, part 1

August 21, 2013

Too wet to go out? Too cold to play ball? (Oh, is that just me and my Summer in the Bay Area? Ha!) Too sick for preschool? This is the ultimate in Drugstore DIY; with a can of shaving cream or a bar of soap, here is lots of good fun that is funny: Microwave […]

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